Little One Portrait: Violet

‘Violet’ Rachael Anita, 2018

‘Violet’ Rachael Anita, 2018

The first Little One Portrait I created is of my little girl, Violet. A precious portrait of a pink little baby amongst some wild violet flowers. She is going to have a LOT of art because I always use her as the subject in my art. I am currently creating a portrait of her birth (to be revealed soon)!  

I have attempted to offer custom illustrations in the past, and either it didn’t work out, I stopped enjoying it, or I never started offering it in the first place. This time, is different. I am SO EXCITED about this new opportunity to create custom art for people! I am offering to create a subject that I love and am passionate about and I think that will make all the difference.

The Little One Portraits are just the first option that I am offering, with even bigger ideas already in the works and will be ready or you soon!

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